PerTableAre you struggling to learn chemistry?



You are not alone. I have been very successful helping students to overcome their fear of chemistry and learn what they need to know. I believe it is very important to learn how to do the chemistry, not merely memorize answers and formulas.

Do You

  • Want to work smarter?
  • Want to understand more clearly?
  • Spend too long on assignments?
  • Need help catching up?
  • Do you feel lost and always behind?
  • Do you work hard and seem to get nowhere?
  • Have you lost interest?

Tutoring or private instruction may help.  Individual attention is focused on your learning needs in a positive, nurturing environment.  I have been effective reducing fear to improve learning. Each success helps to build your self-confidence.

Instruction can be tailored to your needs. I will help you learn how to solve the problems. Tutoring is available online or direct meeting (in the New Hope-Buckingham area of Bucks County, PA)


Chemistry Tutor